Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mizuno Run: The Ultimate Dehydration Test

Just got back from my first-ever 15km Mizuno Infinity Run at the Fort. I felt jittery before the start of the race because I wasn't sure if I could run the entire course without limping.

I was already familiar with a major portion of the route leading towards C-5 and the Army headquarters from previous running races. However, it was my first time to pass by the verdant Heritage Park which I mistook to be the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes' Cemetery). And as I made my way out, 15km and 10km runners converged along the long stretch towards the finish line, er, or so I thought.

The 15km runners had to enter McKinley Hill, a high-end piece of real estate. Unfortunately, the hilly (I mean there were really steep stretches) terrain and the water-less water stations made the run a bit arduous.

The We-Are-The-World tete-a-tete among the panting runners was a welcome diversion. ("I'm from *gasp* Cavite *gasp*, you? *gasp*")

Since I forgot to apply Vaseline on my inner thighs, I could feel the fabric rubbing against the skin, with the friction causing extreme discomfort.

I think I clocked more than 1hr and 30 minutes.

Obviously, this race was one of the worst organized running events. As I have mentioned earlier, water stations ran out of water even for the 15km runners who started early. Not a single drop was left for the 10Km and 5Km runners. It's the middle of summer, for crying out loud. Running for more than an hour with a parched throat under searing conditions could have disastrous consequences. For those lucky enough to get some, water was handed out in really small cups, ya know, those plastic cups used by promo girls for "free taste" inside malls. Have the organizers and sponsors no idea as to the total number of participants? Are they even aware that this was supposed to be a running event, not just some marketing gimmick. Duh.

Frodo immediately went home after his 10Km because he was soooo dehydrated. Jun, three quarters of the way, told me he had to sip water through a garden hose from Manong the landscape gardener, along with so many others because there just wasn't any water from Mizuno. Hey! If you want to promote your shoe brand, generate good will and encourage loyal consumer patronage by sponsoring running events, be sure that there's plenty of WATER around. Ugh! Stupid organizers. Hello? Some runners who were lucky enough to bring spare change were forced to stop at a McDonald's to buy water. And get this at the finish line, there was hardly any water! Ano ba! Mizuno Infinity Run sucks big time! Walang kwenta!