Tuesday, March 4, 2008

End of the World

I thought I'd never see the light of day when this event takes place:

*click here*

Yes, of all people, Boy Abunda follows in the foot-steps of his ward Kris Aquino who had earlier released an album as well. Both cannot sing if their lives depended on it, and so they rely on other people to do the singing while they engage in monologues, pseudo-poetry and inspirational conversations supposedly to bring "comfort and joy" to the listeners.

My foot. I'd rather have a root canal without anesthesia.

But Ron, you implore, you haven't listened to the record yet. (You're really, really nice).

Sure, but as one cliche goes, "You don't have to bite into a donut to know that it's sweet." Yah, I have no intention of buying crap to realize that it IS crap.

There's no way people will buy this stuff. Are you kidding me? If they do, then planet earth will likely disengage itself from its orbit, throw itself onto an oncoming planet before crashing towards the sun.

This is obviously a "Vanity" project. It will not likely generate any revenues. Most likely, this project is subsidized. Much like the Kris Aquino album, this one is part of a bigger marketing agenda to ensure Abunda's appeal to TV viewers remains intact. At least, Boy and Kris can now claim to be legitimate "recording artists," albeit of questionable merits.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I should buy one of each for you. Listen to it and do a REVIEW just as those classical albums/ performances that you write about.
DEAL? ahahaha


hahaha. Marc, you would actually buy those albums just for me? HAHAHA. Is this a dare? bwahaha

I think we can now feel the cosmic effects of Boy Abunda's album launch, di ba the snow in the Middle East (Syria ata), ozone layer, the whole climate change thing.

The earth is not rotating properly anymore :)