Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why K-Pop Rules

You ever wonder why Korean pop is popular in the country nowadays? A quick channel surf through the music channels reveals why. Korean pop is dominated by boy-and-girl bands of the N'Sync variety, churning out music that are nothing but glamorized versions of nursery tunes, usually with ungrammatical English serving as the refrain. Although K-pop all sound the same, the bouncy numbers are carefully choreographed against a backdrop of smart sets and digital what-have-yous.

On the other hand, the Pinoy music scene has long been dominated by schmaltzy, syrupy ballads a la Ogie Alcasid, culminating in diva/divo scream fests courtesy of Charice and Arnel Pineda (when they had a showdown at ASAP, people were quick to declare that the performance was "world class"-- I wanted to puke!). It is a good thing that April Boy Regino- I call his music 'barnacle-music' because it sticks to your head long after you're supposed to have forgotten them- has since rested his vocal chords, thankfully sparing us the agony of hearing them inside jeepneys and buses.

And of course, the band scene of the Parokya ni Edgar variety that dominates the Pinoy music video industry. Unfortunately, despite the popularity of Eraserheads and its multiple clones, the music and how they are presented leaves a lot to be desired. While K-pop is sleek, music videos of Pinoy bands are filmed literally in some band member's garage, in sepia-like quality, and the band members look like they just emerged from an all-night drinking party. It could be argued, however, that the lyrics have more substance, more sense than repeating Nobody Nobody but chu ad infinitum. It's true. Pinoy music videos may have less glam but lyrics-wise, they fare better than K-Pop which is all glam and full of non-sense.

Which reminds me of Lisa Simpson. When asked by Mr Burns what she thinks of the current music scene, she replied that it distracts people from more important social concerns. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, hello K-pop? What are you smoking? That kind of music absolutely is so "baduy." It's just a more modern version of the "That's Entertainment" age. Those people are all about glitz or glamour and no talent at all.... If this is what the Philippine youth is into these days in terms of music. Wow, than I just pity that whole new generation. Absolutely tasteless when it comes to music....
Joy C.


I'm not saying the K-pop is necessarily better. You are right, it's baduy. However, based on the music videos, they do look better.

As for your idol, Charice, sorry but listening to her makes me wonder if someone is being strangled in the next room.

To each his/her own.

Anonymous said...

The problem with our variety shows featuring 'duets' is that it isn't really a duet but a pataasan ng ihi contest...erm I mean pataasan ng boses...which seems what Charice and Nina does exactly. I'd be fine with the Arnel singing Alone solo(seen his HRC clips), it's not bad but Charice does not know how to blend her voice and seem to want to overpower her co-duet by shouting(which makes her sound like she's constipated). And the Aladdin song duet simply did not suit Arnel's rock voice. They might have as well invited Kyu Hyun of Super Junior. Baka magtilian pa ang audience

I guess mahilig lang si Charice sa howdown. I mean, isn't it that she once 'revelaed' that she'd be having a 'showdown' with Michael Jackson in his supposed comeback concert?

As for Kpop, I dunno a lot of their idols sound bad when singing live(therefore the prevalence of lip syncing in 'live' shows). Flat notes, nasal voices, incomprehensible consonants and vowels. Their most popular idols sound worse live than Sam Milby or Toni Gonzaga (or the singer wannabes in the OPM scene) singing live.