Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Manny Villar has a new running mate, Sen. Loren Legarda. Asked to explain how these two can work as a tandem when both have been in opposing sides of the fence on thorny issues such as the double funding of the C-5 Extension project, Legarda spoke a mouthful and managed to make a comparison between them vis-a-vis Obama and Hillary- both of whom sparred bitterly for the US Democratic nomination- but I still think her statement amounts to nothing.

This is clearly an uneasy union, a marriage of convenience if you will, so it's hard to believe that they have set aside their differences. Legarda, after all, was a strident critic of Villar at the Senate and supported the latter's ouster as Senate President.

So you see Loren, why would we believe you, how can we even trust you, when you can just as easily swallow your own words and switch sides like you were changing pants when your political career is at stake? Just last year, you criticized Villar severely for engaging in money politics ('pera-pera lang yan') so how come you're now his running mate?


Anonymous said...

She even claims to be an environmentalist and yet never spoke a word against the tree cutting of former Manila Mayor Atienza within the Mejan Garden, the cutting of trees within the Intramuros, the hundred year old trees along Mac Arthur Highway; not a word on the Laiban Dam and or against big time loggers in Quezon or Cagayan Valley. The vast Sierra Madre Range has been for years the playground of big time loggers in Luzon and not a word from her, and yet she wants to be the vanguard of the environment. True she has crafted lots on the issue but short on substance and long on rhetorics, include photo ops.
She is the picture of the tragic story of our environment.

Riza said...

Villar and Loren look good together. They're the tandem to beat. It's not an issue that they have different views on certain issues. At least we're in a democratic country.