Monday, May 25, 2009

Fodder for Entertainment

So now, Viki Belo claims through her lawyer, that the sex videos were stored in the hard drive owned by her company and that she asked the Chua guy, supposedly the one who uploaded the vids in the internet, to delete the said videos because he's a tech wizard and she's a dinosaur. This statement, of course is meant to lay the blame on Chua.

The Belo camp also warns that a sex video of the doctora and her boyfriend may surface out as well.

Let's now hack this issue into bits and pieces:

(1) Why would anyone store a sex video of himself on a company hard drive? Can't Kho afford his own personal laptop? He will never be classified as "poor" by any stretch of the imagination.

(2) Does it really take a tech whiz to delete a video file? Even a fifth third grader can do it!

(3) Why would you volunteer information about a sex video of yourself and warn the public about it? It's like saying, "Hey people. Helloooo!!! I have a sex video scandal, too you know! I'm sufferring din kaya and I deserve a Senate inquiry, too."

(4) So the doctora knew all about the videos beforehand?

I guess the doctora didn't want to appear like a wimp because let's face it, while they were lovey-dovey before the public, the guy was humping someone else din pala. Which was exactly the case for Katrina's boyfriend (forgot the name), who was totally clueless. But Inday Badiday's unica hija writes in the Inquirer, that friends of Kho who had an axe to grind against him conspired to copy the contents of his personal laptop and use it against Kho later on because our Valentino reportedly slept with his friend's girlfriend. This version is totally different and more plausible, compared to the one offerred by Belo, which strikes me as incredible.

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Food Trip

Last Friday, Jun and I met up at the Mall of Asia (Jen couldn't make it) and had dinner at a Thai Restaurant (I forgot the name). I thought the waiters dressed up like the Burmese, and not Thai.

Anyway, the food was OK, except that the Tom Yum was so spicy, I felt like something exploded at the back of my throat.

The week before, I had Tom Yum as well, at Cafe Juanita with Tony somewhere in Pasig. Since the resto is obviously a converted old house with lots of antiques and old furniture dating back before the 2nd World War, with heavy drapes, lace and really outlandish decorations like feather boas and a year-long Christmas tree, it felt like the home of Madame Auring. I was pretty sure there's a crystal ball tucked somewhere. The inside feels like a transplanted house from either Hungary or Romania.

The pochero and afritada were all so good, I'm sure the meat was slowly-cooked for several hours. The pudding was out of this world. The only disappointing item was the saba bananas swimming in shaved ice and evaporated milk.

Back to the soup. Not as spicy, but there was an obvious hint of Bagoong Balayan, which was quite good.

Krung Thai in Marikina has still the best Tom Yum for me, although the cook can be inconsistent at times, with the torn lemon leaves and galangal giving that aromatic twist.

Yesterday, I was again invited for lunch near Malacanang (I'm not kidding) at La Cocina de Tita Moning. In fact, the gates of the Palace was just a block away! It was a different dining experience, very "stately" and "dignified", (in other words, a bit "stiff"), as if you were to attend a debut party in the 1800's where the girls are all wearing frocks and corsets (Ron, that is so Jane Austen!).

Customers are first led to the family living room and served lemon grass tea and bread sticks while poring over family albums, old books, magazines and staring at a rare painting by Resurrecion Hidalgo dating back 1901. You had to attend a 10 minute tour of the house, touching on family history and inevitably to events in Philippine history.

The whole thing felt like the 1920's, as if you were a haciendero and you had a bunch of people running your household. The meal was served in several courses and you had to make sure you didn't pick the wrong fork.

The menu consisted of stuffed chicken for the main course, which I thought was very good but not memorable. The squash soup was very creamy, ideal for cold, rainy nights.The salsa monja was a stunning house condiment made of olives meant to accompany the entire meal, reportedly served to Spanish friars during the olden days. Very different and delicious. The bread and butter pudding was amazing, very soft, as if it were dipped in vanilla sauce. I don't think you'll ever find that anywhere else.

I'm hungry.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Life in these islands...

While Obama and Dick Cheney are squaring off over the closure of Guantanamo in Cuba, the Philippines registered its first Influenza A H1N1 swine flu strain (Jun says their lab resembled a war zone when he reconfirmed the lab test yesterday), Hayden Kho's voyeuristic videos surfaced in the internet, and the obvious political posturing of a newbie Senator over the videos and the over-reaction over Alec Baldwin's joke about Filipina mail-order brides fill the air-waves.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heavy Side

My project employers flew in again from Singapore for a client presentation yesterday. I was a bit anxious because we'd be presenting the results of our project research of which I was the main researcher. I had solid calculations so it was a breeze.

I was so busy I almost forgot what that day was all about, if not for the flurry of messages that accumulated in my inbox.

Anyway, my Singaporean consultant-partner had this to say about Filipino girls:"They're a bit...rounder (as opposed to being slender/slim)."

"It's because Filipinos are carnivorous," I don't really believe this myself, but yeah, it seems like Filipino girls in general, are on the heavy side compared to other Asians.

A friend gave me Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, after we found the book at Powerbooks Bonifacio. I also got a pair of orange shorts. I don't think I'll be wearing this anytime soon, but it was very comfy, at least. By the way, Jun was on TV early this evening, talking about H1N1. Friends were quick to text him that they saw him on the evening news.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Royal Treatment

My friend Tony once said Imeldific and her troop of 'blue' ladies passed in front of him while he was just wearing slippers and sando in the lobby of a high-end condo.

"It was embarassing. I wasn't dressed appropriately."

To which I snapped back, quite curtly I must admit, "the main reason she thinks she's a damn royal is because you make her feel that way."

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Road Warrior

Since I live near Marikina, I signed up for the 10K Fun Run at the Sports centre yesterday. Jun was supposed to be showing off his body at a beach resort in Quezon, but was stuck in the lab investigating suspected H1N1 cases.

I have been expecting this race to be a small one, with less participants than in other races. But since it will pass through the river banks, I thought the route was an interesting one.

I was a bit worried because I have been neglecting my running routine because of the almost daily afternoon rains.

The race took us to neighborhood streets, avoiding the main thoroughfare, passing through the Marikina bridge towards the river side, where the 10k and 5k started to separate. I thought the route resembled a maze, the map didn't make it appear so.

Halfway through the race, in the riverbanks, I unfortunately stepped on an uneven surface while navigating a sloping road, causing me to twist my ankle. I had to stop for a few minutes while grimacing in pain, I really thought that I might do a DNF, or the did-not-finish option, but I didn't want to be carried all the way to the finish line. So yes, feeling like a real road warrior, I pressed on. I can say that this race was the closest I had to crawling towards the finish line.

During the last 2 km stretch, the street became narrower and people were lined up on the streets, not necessarily to cheer but to gawk as well. I heard one woman point at me and said, "this one's a mestizo, he's all flushed and red."

So like a celebrity, I waved my right hand back at her in the style of Ms Universe.

I saw my friend Ike pushing a baby roller for the 5K. It was so cute, with the roller equipped with a small siren complete with red lights while his baby was enjoying the joy ride. I think I planted that idea in his head. While running in the oval, I once told him about one popular expat, Craig, who runs while pushing the roller/wheelchair of his paraplegic son.

Anyway, my right foot still hurts a bit and I walk with a slight limp. I hope I can still make it for next week's, ahem, half marathon event.

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